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“Ashabi”2024, oil and acrylic paint on wood panel, 16 x 24 inches


The idea of not capturing one’s likeness and just creating something that serves as the essence of the person, while keeping the face vague and anonymous was what Naychi enjoyed while creating this piece

Ashabi is a collection of inspirations, resources, and experiences, the ultimate driving force being Naychi’s zeal to create. While she used different materials, mediums, and processes to create Ashabi and Diadem, her methodology is consistent.


Artist Profile:

Naychi "Amaka Naomi Chiazor” is a Nigerian-born visual artist, based in Toronto Ontario. She fell in love with art from going to museums in Lagos, at a young age. She has always loved art and design and its incorporation into everyday life and objects. She received a Bachelor's in Humanities from York University and a Diploma from Toronto Film School.She believes strongly in collaboration and creating pieces that elevate characters by building and revealing visually evocative worlds. Working in oils, acrylic, and ink, she uses rich tones in oil that help create visually evocative characters, that push the notions of realism. She loves to explore the blend between traditional materials and techniques with contemporary themes. Amaka aims to popularize the depiction of black women in fine art and more artistic spaces.


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