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Our Mission

At Ọ̀KẸ́, we're on a mission to unveil cultural riches, showcasing our similarities and experiences in each exhibition. Our commitment is to delve into the richness of diverse cultures and build community. Fueled by a love for cultural exploration and appreciation, we aspire to share a multitude of artistic wonders with the world.

Our History

Founded in Toronto, Canada by Fayosola Oke to curate exhibitions that unveil cultural riches.

The name Ọ̀KẸ́, derived from the Yoruba language where it means "money," holds a profound richness and is intricately woven into my identity.  In establishing Ọ̀KẸ́, no name could better embody the significance of revealing cultural treasures than my own.

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to exploring the diverse treasures embedded in various cultures and fostering community through our exhibitions.

Tribal Drum
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Our Affiliates

We are proud to work with a network of affiliates who share our passion for cultural exploration and community-building. Includes artists, curators, and cultural institutions from around the world.

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