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“Sunday Morning”2023, oil and acrylic paint on canvas, 24 x 36 inches


The intention behind this piece is to portray what a typical morning getting ready looks like for a black girl. Chimemelie wanted to portray how her mom taught her and her sister to love their natural hair by creating unique hairstyles on them. The repetition of combs emphasizes and helps educate other black girls on the right tools to care for their natural hair. 



Chimemelie is a multidisciplinary artist currently studying art at OCADU in the Drawing and Painting program. She enjoys working with a variety of mediums but a majority of her pieces are acrylic and oil paintings. A theme in most of her works is identity. She explores this theme by not only focusing on herself as a black girl but also as someone who struggles with anxiety. She expresses herself through her art and reveals her current sense of self through her paintings, drawings and sculptures. The purpose of her works is to shed light on her life, leaving room to encourage and educate the viewers as they examine themselves through her works. 



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